The number of Wins produced Above a Replacement level player.



A player's compensation for playing baseball.



(eXcess VALue) The amount of value produced by a player above & beyond their salary.

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XVAL Player of the Week – Chris Denorfia

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The San Diego Padres’ Chris Denorfia put together a very impressive final week of his 2013 season. Denorfia’s week started out great by propelling his Padres to take three of four from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Out of the four game series, Denorfia went 7 for 17, with a double, triple, and an impressive .412 BA. His best game of the series came on September 25th when he went three for five from the plate; one of those hits was a double into deep right, where he was later driven in to score.

The San Francisco Giants were the Padres last test of the 2013 season and Denorfia ended with authority by producing a series batting average of .462. In his final game of the season, Denorfia singled in the fifth and loaded the bases for J. Gyorko, who blasted a grand slam to left field, giving the Padres the lead.

Denorfia provided $3.5M in value to his team last week while earning $86K in salary, therefore producing over $3.4M in XVAL (excess value). For the season, Denorfia’s team leading WAR of 4.29 combined with his $2M salary resulted in an impressive $10.87M in XVAL.

This infographic is a tribute to Chris Denorfia’s performance this week and how it compares to both traditional and advanced MLB stats: