Designated Hitter

1Kendrys MoralesDHSEA2.67$5,250,000$2,759,999
2Danny ValenciaDHBAL0.71$520,000$1,609,999
3Steve PearceDHBAL0.55$700,000$949,999
4Chris DickersonDHBAL0.30$490,000$410,000
5Jordan BrownDHMIA-0.12$490,000-$849,999
6David OrtizDHBOS4.37$14,000,000-$889,999
7Luke MontzDHOAK-0.24$490,000-$1,209,999
8Shelley DuncanDHTBR-0.29$550,000-$1,419,999
9Luke ScottDHTBR0.32$2,750,000-$1,790,000
10Ryan DoumitDHMIN0.56$3,500,000-$1,820,000
11Seth SmithDHOAK0.57$3,675,000-$1,965,000
12Ben FranciscoDHSDP-0.40$1,200,000-$2,400,000
13Travis HafnerDHNYY-0.14$2,000,000-$2,420,000
14Jason GiambiDHCLE-0.58$750,000-$2,490,000
15Wilson BetemitDHBAL-0.34$1,750,000-$2,770,000
16Billy ButlerDHKCR1.57$8,000,000-$3,290,000
17Nolan ReimoldDHBAL-1.12$1,000,000-$4,360,000
18Victor MartinezDHDET1.19$13,000,000-$9,429,999
19Lance BerkmanDHTEX-0.09$10,000,000-$10,270,000
20Albert PujolsDHLAA1.46$16,000,000-$11,619,999
21Adam DunnDHCHW-0.22$15,000,000-$15,659,999
XVAL represents the amount of excess value produced by a player. It is not simply the value the player has produced, but it is the value they have produced above & beyond (or in some cases below) what they have been paid. It is derived from calculating the total value produced by a player (WAR * Win Value) then subtracting the amount of salary the player has been paid through that given point in the season. For a more detailed definition visit our blog post: What is XVAL?
WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is a baseball statistic that represents how many more wins a player would give a team as opposed to a "replacement level", or minor league/bench player at that position.