1Chris SalePCHW6.94$850,000$19,970,000
2Jose QuintanaPCHW5.36$500,000$15,579,999
3Hector SantiagoPCHW2.7$505,000$7,595,000
4Addison ReedPCHW1.2$520,000$3,079,999
5Jesse CrainPCHW2.37$4,500,000$2,609,999
6Matt LindstromPCHW1.45$2,300,000$2,050,000
7Nate JonesPCHW0.47$507,500$902,499
8Alexei RamirezSSCHW2.58$7,000,000$739,999
9Conor Gillaspie3BCHW0.37$490,500$619,499
10Hector GimenezCCHW0.23$493,000$196,999
11Donnie VealPCHW0.18$497,500$42,499
12Jordan DanksOFCHW0.16$490,000-$9,999
13Avisail GarciaOFCHW0.13$490,000-$99,999
14Gordon Beckham2BCHW0.84$2,925,000-$405,000
15Tyler FlowersCCHW-0.11$510,000-$840,000
16Leury Garcia2BCHW-0.12$490,000-$849,999
17Blake TekotteOFCHW-0.19$490,000-$1,059,999
18Deunte HeathPCHW-0.28$490,000-$1,329,999
19Dewayne WiseOFCHW-0.23$700,000-$1,390,000
20Dylan AxelrodPCHW-0.34$493,000-$1,513,000
21Ramon TroncosoPCHW-0.42$490,000-$1,749,999
22Dayan ViciedoOFCHW0.11$2,800,000-$2,469,999
23Brian OmogrossoPCHW-0.76$492,000-$2,772,000
24Alejandro De AzaOFCHW-0.26$2,075,000-$2,854,999
25Gavin FloydPCHW-0.03$9,500,000-$9,590,000
26Jeff Keppinger2BCHW-2.05$3,500,000-$9,650,000
27John DanksPCHW0.83$14,250,000-$11,759,999
28Adam DunnDHCHW-0.22$15,000,000-$15,659,999
29Paul Konerko1BCHW-1.55$13,500,000-$18,149,999
XVAL represents the amount of excess value produced by a player. It is not simply the value the player has produced, but it is the value they have produced above & beyond (or in some cases below) what they have been paid. It is derived from calculating the total value produced by a player (WAR * Win Value) then subtracting the amount of salary the player has been paid through that given point in the season. For a more detailed definition visit our blog post: What is XVAL?
WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is a baseball statistic that represents how many more wins a player would give a team as opposed to a "replacement level", or minor league/bench player at that position.