1Jason CastroCHOU4.48$496,600$12,943,400
2Matt Dominguez3BHOU2.30$491,800$6,408,200
3Brett OberholtzerPHOU2.14$490,000$5,930,000
4Brandon BarnesOFHOU1.66$491,700$4,488,299
5Jose Altuve2BHOU1.05$505,700$2,644,300
6Erik BedardPHOU0.84$1,150,000$1,369,999
7Marwin GonzalezSSHOU0.53$494,400$1,095,600
8Carlos CorporanCHOU0.51$495,000$1,034,999
9Chris Carter1BHOU0.49$494,000$976,000
10Robbie GrossmanOFHOU0.30$490,000$410,000
11Rhiner CruzPHOU0.29$498,000$372,000
12Jose CisneroPHOU0.11$490,000-$159,999
13Brad PeacockPHOU0.04$490,000-$369,999
14Josh FieldsPHOU-0.08$490,000-$729,999
15Trevor CroweOFHOU-0.09$490,000-$759,999
16Dallas KeuchelPHOU-0.11$490,000-$819,999
17Brett Wallace1BHOU-0.25$495,000-$1,245,000
18Brandon Laird1BHOU-0.33$490,000-$1,479,999
19Marc KraussOFHOU-0.43$490,000-$1,779,999
20Jake ElmorePHOU-0.49$490,000-$1,959,999
21Paul ClemensPHOU-0.52$490,000-$2,049,999
22Edgar GonzalezPHOU-0.55$525,000-$2,174,999
23Wade LeBlancPHOU-0.83$491,500-$2,981,499
24Hector AmbrizPHOU-0.91$493,400-$3,223,400
25Jordan LylesPHOU-1.26$490,000-$4,269,999
26J.D. MartinezOFHOU-1.31$497,800-$4,427,800
27Jimmy ParedesOFHOU-1.37$490,000-$4,599,999
28Lucas HarrellPHOU-1.52$500,700-$5,060,699
29Philip HumberPHOU-1.58$800,000-$5,539,999
XVAL represents the amount of excess value produced by a player. It is not simply the value the player has produced, but it is the value they have produced above & beyond (or in some cases below) what they have been paid. It is derived from calculating the total value produced by a player (WAR * Win Value) then subtracting the amount of salary the player has been paid through that given point in the season. For a more detailed definition visit our blog post: What is XVAL?
WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is a baseball statistic that represents how many more wins a player would give a team as opposed to a "replacement level", or minor league/bench player at that position.